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Kieran  Juan  Kato  Salazar (male)
Reina  Lawrence  Rice  Basan (female)
Annabelle  Fidele  Macapodi  Villarin (female)
Emilie  Clodovea  Dipatuan  Ramírez (female)
Kendall  Casandra  Ide  Álvarez (male)
Emanuel  Melita  Bennet  Decatoria (male)
Keagan  Esmeralda  Manigbas  Sevilla (male)
Dominick  Marcel  Madlambayan  Luz (male)
Carona  Shannon  Abulog  Duarte (female)
Kenya  Delaney  Dy  Órdenes (female)
Orlan  Sol  Guiao  Navarro (male)
Lindsay  Phoenix  Gabuat  Zabala (female)
Montana  Kevin  Cojuangco  Valle (female)
Eskama  Monserrat  Balignasay  Flores (female)
Anabel  Kendal  Yoshizaki  Cereza (female)

  About Generator

The Filipino Name generator generates 15 Filipino names defaultly, each name corresponds to gender. You can generate the specified quantity and specified gender of the names, Males and females share common middle names and last names, we have more than 3,000 male and female first names, more than 1,000 middle names and surnames. I'm sure you'll find one you like.

In the Philippines, there are several naming conventions. The Filipino name is usually made up of three parts: the two first names, the middle name and the last name, this is due to the older Spanish system and Anglo-American conventions. The Tagalog language is one of the few national languages to use the Western name system in Asia, the naming conventions of Philippines are the same as those of Portuguese. In most cases, the majority of Filipinos comply with the Spanish system using paternal and maternal surnames, maternal surname constitute the middle name. In daily life, Filipinos usually use the middle name and last name.

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