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Benedikt  Hloedversson (male)
Hrairekur  Solbjartursson (male)
Snailaugur  Dariusson (male)
Mensalder  Marinosson (male)
Brynjolfur  Styrsson (male)
Hrodmar  Erminrekursson (male)
Marino  Snairsson (male)
Njall  Hildithorsson (male)
Hind  Heidbergsdottir (female)
Marinella  Kopursdottir (female)
Bjartey  Borgarsdottir (female)
Greta  Fridleifursdottir (female)
Ingey  Ulrichsdottir (female)
Heidlaug  Normannsdottir (female)
Asbjoerg  Fornisdottir (female)
Katinka  Hagbertsdottir (female)

  About Generator

The Icelandic Name generator can generate 16 names randomly, 8 for males and 8 for females, you can generate the specified quantity and specified gender names and you can generate up to 50 names at a time, but you can refresh to generate more, we have more than 2,000 first names and more than 6,000 last names , you can generate more than 12,000,000 Icelandic names.

Icelandic names differ from most current Western family name systems by being patronymic or occasionally matronymic: they indicate the father (or mother) of the child and not the historic family lineage. Iceland shares a common cultural heritage with the Scandinavian countries of Norway, Sweden and Denmark with the Faroe Islands. Icelanders, however, unlike other Scandinavians, have continued to use their traditional name system, which was formerly used by all Nordic nations except partly Finland.[a] The Icelandic system is thus not based on family names (although some people do have family names and might use both systems). Generally, a person's last name indicates the first name of their father (patronymic) or in some cases mother (matronymic)--wikipedia.

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