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Sixten  Hedlund (male)
Adrian  Palme (male)
Tore  Nordlund (male)
Hilda  Rosenquist (female)
Gun-Britt  Dahlström (female)
Bea  Ekblad (female)
Katja  Nordin (female)
Nataniel  Skoog (male)
Birgit  Hermansson (female)
Tage  Lund (male)
Astrid  Norddahl (female)
Edith  Selander (female)
Velam  Sjöström (male)
Samanta  Åkerlund (female)
Nikita  Westergren (female)

  About Generator

The Swedish Name generator generates 15 Swedish names defaultly, each name corresponds to gender. You can generate the specified quantity and specified gender of the names, Males and females share common last names, we have more than 500 male and female names, more than 300 last names. I'm sure you'll find one you like.

In Sweden, when a person is born, parents must choose given names for him(her), each person have a surname and at least one given name, surname inherited from parents, and usually two given names. In daily life, there is a calling name to be used to identify, the calling name is called tilltalsnamn in Swedish, is one of the given names in Scandinavian countries. In the full name of the spelling, the calling name is usually indicated by capital letters, by an asterisk, or italics or underlines.

You can generate up to 50 Swedish names at a time, click the refresh button to get more.

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