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Lugano  Morgenthaler (male)
Marilen  Bindschädler (female)
Abeline  Summer (female)
Florus  Mutti (male)
Martin  Holzhauer (male)
Raphaela  Käch (female)
Nevio  Signer (male)
Heda  Grubenmann (female)
Levin  Dalcher (male)
Milia  Wälti (female)
Noa  von Gunten (female)
Noah  Ledermann (male)
Fabiola  Brühlmann (female)
Madlaina  Müllhaupt (female)
Uto  Ochsenbein (male)

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The Swiss name generator can generate 15 Swiss names randomly, including male and female. You can generate the specified quantity and specified gender Swiss names, males and females share the common surnames. We have more than 500 given names and about 1300 family names, can generate more than 650,000 Swiss names. Choose the one you like best.

Switzerland is composed of Swiss Germans, Swiss French, Swiss and Italian minorities speaking more than Leto - Leto descendants of Romans in Rome dialect composed of multi ethnic groups. The complexity of the Swiss nation is closely related to the history of population migration, war and the formation of the commonwealth.

As of December 2012, German, French, Italian and Latin Romance 4 languages are the official language in Switzerland, German speaking residents accounted for 65.6%, 22.8% and 8.4% French, Italian, Latin Romance 0.6%, other languages 18.7%.

Cultural and linguistic differences lead to a variety of names, many names are either German, French or Italian, different from the German name, the French name, the name of Italy.

You can generate up to 50 Swiss names at a time, click the refresh button to get more.

Generate the name of 50 nationalities, include first name(given name), middle name, last name(surname, family name).

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